Taking the guesswork out of buying & design decisions for retailers


Better understand in-store customer demand

SeekStock enables shop staff to share customer's feedback on products directly with buying teams, in real-time. 

We're the missing piece of the product demand puzzle for retailers, equipping buyers with real-time feedback from every outlet, for agile and data driven decision making

SeekStock presents a new way to capture and analyse:

Feedback on Existing Products

to understand your product's fit, style, quality, price & stock accuracy

New Product Suggestions

to track customer demand for products not in your current range

General Feedback

highlighting product trends, seasonal feedback & general suggestions


View product feedback from all stores, in real-time & download custom reports


Filter feedback by positive or negative tone, product, brand, location & more


Request product feedback from stores in a matter of seconds for agile decision making


Rectify product issues faster with better visibility around quality & fit issues


Track and reward top contributing stores and staff members

Turn your stores into digital feedback hubs that harness your staff's proximity to customer feedback, unlocking essential product insight for better decision making


We know that sales reports not only lack context behind why products sell well or poorly, they also fail to highlight missed opportunity or how to greater capitalise on existing product lines. SeekStock is the market leader in capturing in-store product feedback, providing contextual data for better informed buying & design decisions.

Buyers shouldn't need to make decisions based on gut feel.




Emails and product reports are ineffective at filtering product feedback from the shop floor to head office. The information is scattered, untimely, and often fails to reach key decision makers. SeekStock provides a structured way for staff to share product feedback, allowing stores to work collaboratively to present buyers with relevant & easy to digest insights to take action on.

Retail teams need better methods to share customer feedback.

Not sure if SeekStock is right for your business? 

 Cloud based solution available on web or tablet

Unlimited staff access with tiered permission levels

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